Our Tutoring Subjects


While it is more common for students to need tutoring assistance in reading, math or science, there are other subjects just as important. Are you in search of tutoring for your high school student for their history class? Is your grade school student in need of tutoring for their social studies class? Private In-Home Tutoring can provide tutoring assistance for you or your child in most subject areas.

If it is not a specific subject you are searching for, we can help there as well. Do you have a difficult time studying on your own? Are tests the cause of unnecessary anxiety? Do you try to stuks? Private In-Home Tutoring can help students with these skills to prepare them for the years to come. These skills also help students excel in other areas of school and life. Privdy but have a hard time remembering where to find the information in your notes and booate In-Home Tutoring, we have the tutors, programs, and resources to embrace each student’s unique learning needs and guide them to success.

As an added benefit, our students gain the self-confidence necessary to work through the more difficult challenges they face down the road. Here is a list of some of the subjects and skill areas where we can boost any student’s ability.


History is the study of the human past, or a period of time after writing was invented. Whetheryou are searching for tutoring in a 9th grade history class, Advanced Placement class or college level course, Private In-Home Tutoring can help.

Social Studies is the study of both social sciences and humanities. Private In-Home Tutoring can assist students of all ages with sociology, political sciences, economics, geography and much more!

Elementary Math constitutes the building blocks of all math operations. Let us solidify your student’s learning of numbers, facts, weights, measurements and more.

Algebra takes a lot of practice and patience as your student begins more involved operations. From pre-algebra through college algebra, we can ensure each student remains confident and ready for the next step.

Biology is the first specialized science course most students will take. It includes the study of life, cells, organisms and energy.

Chemistry is a more complex science dealing with atoms, molecules, elements and reactions. Private In-Home Tutoring is the solution to your Chemistry problems.

Phonics is the foundation younger students need in order to read fluently. We can tutor your child by focusing on the recognition of letters and their sounds, which leads to decoding words. As students progress, they learn more about word structure as well as syllables and compound words.

Test Taking Skills can make a big difference on an important test. Some people just don’t have the ability to test well, but Private In-Home Tutoring can help you or your student gain the confidence and skill set necessary to pass tests now and in the years to come.


Reading has many different components. Let us help you or your student with the critical skill of comprehension, which includes vocabulary, summarizing, author’s purpose and plot, comparing and contrasting, sequencing and more. Our tutors can also introduce a variety of literary genres and teach our older students how to analyze a literary work.

Writing is not simply learning how to write. We can tutor students to improve spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, organizational skills and more. Let us help you with anything from book reports to the classic five-paragraph essay to a research paper.

Grammar and writing work hand-in-hand. The areas our tutors will focus on include structure, parts of speech, punctuation, syntax, language sounds, word meanings, abbreviations, acronyms, and more.

Language Arts is a combination of reading and composition. Let us help you with the structure of essays including a narrative, persuasive, technical, five- paragraph, argumentative, cause and effect or comparative. We can also work with you on communication, punctuation, plots and genres.

PSAT&PACT most colleges and universities require you to take the SAT, ACT, or both to have a good shot at being accepted. The ACT plays a critical role in determining your path after high school, which is why the tutors at Private In-Home Tutoring know how to improve your chances of success when taking this exam.

Study Skills are important no matter what age or grade you may be. Let A Quantum Leap Tutoring teach you the study skills you need to advance in school.

Organizational Skills can help in school and life in general. Maybe the reason you aren’t doing as well as you’d like in school is due to a lack of organization. Let Private In-Home Tutoring steer you in the right direction and provide you with the skills you desire.