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Six Weeks Intensive Summer Tutoring

Everyone agrees education is the key element in determining where we end up in life. It is one thing you can control and no one can take away from you. If you are truly looking for assistance for you or your child and you want to take the steps necessary to protect your investment in education, then why not trust a company who has your best interest at heart. Private In-Home Tutoring Service (PITS) LLC is that company you can trust.​

Summer Tutoring

When the school year ends for many students, a summer filled with camps, swimming, and recreation begins. While we all want our children to be able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work throughout the school year, for some students, the time off will cause them to forget a lot of what they learned during the year. At Private In-Home Tutoring Service (PITS) LLC, we understand this dilemma and have the programs and tutoring sessions available to meet any student’s needs.

Is your child being held back a grade in school and you want them to get a fast start at the beginning of school in the fall? Are you a high school senior who wants to be prepared for the first round of SAT tests after school starts back up? Would you like for your children to work on their reading and vocabulary skills while they have down-time during the day? At Private In-Home Tutoring Service (PITS) LLC, we can handle all of these situations – whether it is small group tutoring or personalized one-on-one assistance.

Many children lose ground in reading, writing, and/or math over the summer, and begin the school year at a level lower than what they achieved the previous year. Students in the Intensive Summer Tutoring Program make substantial gains in reading, writing, and math skills and return to school with increased confidence and excitement about learning.

For information about the programs’ goals, curriculum, subject activities, and homework, please call us today! 407-952-8104

4-Year-Olds and Entering Kindergartners
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Adults, College Students and Entering 12th Graders

There are many things parents can do over the summer to provide assistance for their children. However, your assistance does not compare when you consider the results a student can gain by being part of the Intensive Summer Tutoring program specifically tailored to their learning style. Whether you need assistance with reading, math, test preparation, or special needs tutoring, Private In-Home Tutoring Service (PITS) LLC has the quality tutors to keep your child focused.

We offer flexible times, locations, and schedules to accommodate any family’s busy calendar. Whether you are located in Orange County, or Osceola County in Florida, let PITS LLC devise a specific plan to allow your child to be prepared when school starts in the fall. Set your learning expectations higher by calling Private In-Home Tutoring Service (PITS) LLC today at 407-952-8104 or click here to request more information from one of our education specialists.